Equine Joint Works™

Product Description

This synergistic Herbal blend for joint support contains the potent phenolic combination of ellagic acid, gallic acid and emblicanin A+B. Also contains enzymes super oxide dismutase (SOD), glutathione peroxidase and catalase. Helps protect against free radical damage.  Promotes joint comfort and mobility.

All Ingredients Non-GMO

2lb (32 oz) bucket contains 120 scoops, a 60 day supply

Contains Antioxidants and Glucosamine

A proprietary herbal blend of: Certified Organic Alfalfa Leaf, Certified Organic Amalaki, Certified Organic Boswellia Serrata, Wild crafted Soloman’s Seal Root, Certified Organic Ashwagandha, Certified Organic Eleuthero Root, Certified Organic Devil’s Claw, Certified Organic Hemp Hearts, Certified Organic Curcuma longa, Certified Organic Ginger Root, Glucosamine HCl (shellfish derived) 1600 mg. per scoop.
More Info.
Glucosamine helps to maintain synovial fluid that lubricates the joints
  • Specifically formulated to support joint function
  • Helps maintain healthy cartilage, connective tissue, joint structure & function
  • Helps to support circulation
  • Helps to support joint flexibility
  • Helps support structural integrity of joints and connective tissues
  • Reduces free radical formation
  • Reduces oxidative stress
  • $ 72.00

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