Vibrational Essences – NEW!

Flower Essence Therapy involves the healing of the soul through the use of potentized substances made from flowers. Flower Essences have the unique ability to address physical, mental and emotional levels of imbalance within the soul. Our Vibrational Essence Sprays are named as such because the formulas utilize the balancing properties of flowers, trees and gemstones. Learn more about each product by clicking on the images below.

What is the history of Flower Essence Therapy?
Dr. Bach, a physician and homeopath in search of pure methods to healing, was the original developer of flower essence remedies in the early 1900s in England. In 1936 Dr. Bach wrote the new introduction to the final edition of his book The 12 Healers: And they who will obtain the greatest benefit from this God-sent Gift will be those who keep it pure as it is; free from science, free from theories; for everything in Nature is Simple.Learn more about Dr. Bach…

Long before symptoms of illness manifest in the physical body there are subtle disturbances in the body systems. These disturbances are usually caused by the traumas experienced through life events. Flower essences address the vibrational levels of being and help us move forward on life’s journey. Flower essences won’t interfere with any allopathic medications or herbal treatments, in fact they can enhance herbal therapies. Pets seem to have a higher acceptance of the vibrational healing energy of flower essences, as their auras are not as diluted as most humans may be.

“Everyday life is full of examples of how thoughts, feelings and beliefs can have a direct physical consequence.” -Joyce Belcher, Herbalist

There are no known contraindications or dangerous interactions when using flower essences (vibrational essences). They are completely self-adjusting.

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