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"I have been so thrilled with the new Canine Joint supplement. My dog Wylie, who is 14, is like a changed dog. I had no idea he was hurting so much. I suspect he has inflammation and this supplement proves it. He now walks and runs like his old self, still old, but my goodness he is running, barking, and just generally thrilled with himself. Thank you so much."
- SMC, Eliot, ME

"I just wanted to write about my 12-1/2 year old Tripawd dog, Maggie and her results with [Pet Wellness Blends'] Joint Works blend. I have tried umpteen joint products through the years and I have never seen much for results..until now! My tripawd has been decreasing in her ability to negotiate certain areas in my house and also had decreasing stamina this summer. I just assumed this is the way it would be with her age and her disability. I put Maggie on Joyce's Joint Works blend and I'm SOOOOOOOO happy with the results! I no longer have to physically help my dog go from room to room and she can handle activity much better with it not negatively affecting her afterwards with being too tired/sore. Thank you Joyce for all your hard work with your herbal blends!"
- Tracy Snow-Cormier

"My son came home from college for a visit and brought his Doberman, Webay. I noticed that Webay was rubbing his ears on the carpet and would shake his head. So, I tried the Ear Cleanser by gently wiping away the wax buildup. Instantly after cleansing his ears, I noticed that the shaking of his head and rubbing his ears stopped. Later, when my son asked me if I had given him a bath because he smelled so good! The product not only gets the job done but smells terrific!"
- Deb T., York, ME

"I started my two 13-year-old cats on raw food and your Feline Wellness Blend in January of this year. Within a month, I began to notice several positive changes in my cats!

"The other change is that our cats are once again jumping up on the bed and using their kitty tower. We hadn't even realized that they were no longer jumping up until they started doing these things again. The combination of the raw diet and your Feline Wellness Blend are really working great for both my cats and I hope that this will help to keep them both healthy for many years!"
- JoAnne M.

You have saved Kastani from a life being lived in total pain"My mare, Kastani, had very hard heat cycles. Touching her body anywhere elicited a pain response. Some areas, like the girth or chest areas, would make her antagonistic. With an herbal mix based on Kastani's needs, she no longer has pain at any time due to estrus, her coat gleams and her eye has its sparkle back. She is enjoying life again. We have even started riding again and she is comfortable. The only change in diet was the herbs. We both thank you for your herbal lore. You have saved Kastani from a life being lived in total pain."
- Paula B., Sonoita, AZ

I highly recommend Canine Wellness Blend!"Canine Wellness Blend has proven to be the missing link in Rosie and Ginger’s raw diet. Rosie, at 10 years old, was beginning to show some signs of arthritis. Within a short time (less than a week) we noticed a marked difference in her comfort level and now she is out helping run the farm once again. Both dogs had a change in muscle mass, going from "pleasantly chunky" to svelte in a short time. Whether you feed a commercial diet or a raw foods diet, I highly recommend Canine Wellness Blend!"
- Pam, Ginger & Rosie


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